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Corpus Christi, TX


Dr. W. Murray Cutbirth, Jr.

Dr. W. Murray Cutbirth, Jr.




Our Mission is simple. We are committed to excellence.  We are committed to providing each patient with the finest endodontic treatment available.

Our commitment to excellence has led us to using TDO endodontic software and other advanced technology, such as focused field Cone Beam Computed Tomography (FFV-CBCT). These leading edge technologies aid us in the diagnosis and care of our patients.  We are able to more effectively communicate to patients their own unique situations and treatment options.  Most of our patients are in awe of these powerful tools. We enable our patients to now fully understand their treatment options and have a voice in their care. This leads to understanding the benefits of quality endodontic and dental care.  We believe in educating our patients to help us in their care and in the development of their best treatment plan. 

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